Instawalk April 8 Naarden Vesting

Come along with green lovers and walk through and around Naarden Vesting on the DailyGreenspiration Instawalk on April 8! Naarden Vesting is an ancient fortress town that got cityrights in 1300. It has the shape of a star, formed by fortified walls. It is my home town and I walk here a lot. There’s old […]

How to make Guerrilla Flower Bombs

Flower Bombs

Made a video to show you how easy it is to create some guerrilla gardening fun: make your own flower bombs!  List of things you need: paper in your favourite colour. Choose normal to thinner paper (not the glossy one, no cardboard) a kitchen machine/blender water flower seeds (3-5 packages) tea towel spoon bowl siff […]